What your fave color says about you!

Color makes the world bright and oh so joyful!  Here at Hey Pop, we find ourselves drawn to the whole vibrant spectrum of colors - ALL the rainbow, please! Not only are the colors we love closely associated with our personalities, but they also send a message about who we are. We’ve rounded up a few fun facts about color theory to bring some cheer to your day. 


Sincerity, spirituality, conservative, and traditional. It’s thought to increases productivity and is the color most preferred of men. 


Power, passion, desire, and love. Conveys strong emotions and grabs your attention with its association to leadership and a go get’em attitude. 


Happiness, joy, energized, and cheerful. It stimulates mental energy and creates feelings of warmth, honor, and loyalty. 


Joyful, creative, full of sunshine, and happiness. Depicts bold enthusiasm, determination, and success. 


Growth, harmony, nature, and the natural world. Evoking feelings of calmness, tranquility, and safety, it’s thought to be healing and stable. 


Royalty, luxury, wisdom, and bravery. Has an aura of mystery and magic but is also associated with creativity. 


Gentle, kind, tender, and hope. Often thought to be a feminine color, pink is full of compassion, optimism and while also associated with love, it’s a more familiar nurturing love.  


Power, elegance, strength and authority. Suggests mystery, prestige, and a formal nature. 


Clean, pure, perfection, and calm. Symbolizes a clean slate with new beginnings and fresh starts. 

Color has long been linked to having an effect on moods and the colors we choose to wear and live in are no exception. If you’re looking jump start your creativity, how about wearing a purple sweater or writing in a purple notebook? Chime in and share your favorite way to use color #heypopcolorful


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