Start a Virtual Book Club!

We’re avid readers here at Hey Pop, we love all the books! But what we love even more is getting together for a virtual book club to dish about the details. If you’re looking for a way to connect with friends over your favorite books consider our easy 4 Steps to Start A Virtual Book Club.  

Step One: Pick Your Guidelines 

To set your newly started virtual book club up for success there are a few general guidelines that will help you and everyone involved know what to expect. Bookriot has a comprehensive list of things to consider and Real Simple has a quick checklist to get you started. 

Step Two: Pick a Book 

The star of the show is, of course, the book you choose to read. Maybe you vote on a book or perhaps you rotate who chooses - if you aren’t sure where to start, try Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club picks or The Best Book Club Picks in 2020. If you’re looking for books around a theme, check out Anne Bogel’s  The Modern Mrs. Darcy, who has curated lists for every type of reader.  

Step Three: Pick a Platform 

You’ve set some guidelines, everyone is reading the book, but where to meet? Two of the easiest platforms for your virtual book club are Zoom and Google Hangouts but check with members to see if other options are preferred. 

Step Four: Pick Your Questions 

Your group might want to freestyle the discussions, but if you want guidance related to the book you’re reading, check out Bookriot for 40 general questions good for any book. If specific, targeted questions are more you’re style, check out Reading Group Guides or  Book Club Chat. In addition, many trade paperback editions or authors pages will have detailed book club discussion questions related to their book. 

So tell us, when’s the virtual book club and what are we reading? Chime in at #heypopisreading 

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