Sparkle & Shine: Glitter Facts

Here at Hey Pop, glitter is our favorite kind of sparkle! It’s bananas how glitter is everywhere! This shiny, eye-catching accessory has come mainstream, it’s in eye makeup, craft supplies, on your favorite coffee mug and they even make glitter you can eat. Here are some fun facts about Glitter that will make you the Glitterati of your next trivia night. 

Fun Facts About Glitter 

  • Modern glitter is close to 86 years old and the invention of a New Jersey cattle rancher with a machinists hobby. In 1934 he discovered a way to cut sheets of plastic and as WWII decrease glass glitter production, he quickly stepped in with new options. 
  • Our attraction to shiny things is as old as time. Evolutionarily we’re wired to seek out The Shine because our brain relates it to water, which we all know we simply can’t do without!
  • Just how many kinds of glitter are there? When you take into consideration the combinations of size, color and the materials glitter is made from, the internet oracle tells us there are over 20,000 varieties of GLITTER! 
  • It’s been used in military operations. Yep, the U.S. Air Force deployed a concept called “chaff” to confuse and bewilder radar! Source
  • Ready to make your next cake shine!?!! It’s easy with edible glitter...and so shiny! 
  • Scotch tape will become your best friend. Glitter is easy and fun to get on, but how in the heck do you get it off? Beyonce’s makeup artist highly recommends tape, good to know. Source 

We all need a little sparkle in life, so don’t wait until next Halloween to get out your glitter! Share your favorite Glitter Trivia with us at #HeyPopGlitter 


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