Skills You Can Learn At Home

Hey, did you know have a hobby can vastly improve your wellbeing and help you flourish? Yep, it’s all true, and to help foster your creativity we’ve come up with a few easy-to-pick-up hobbies.


They say the best camera is the one you have with you and don’t we always have our phones? So let’s get creative and work on our composition skills at the same time.  Tell a story on the macro level or challenge yourself by seeking out prompts to jump start your photographic eye. 

Bread making 

Making bread is an easy, and delicious, skill to add to your line up. Once you get the basics down, you have so many options for creativity. What about trying your hand at Challah and braiding your bread? Or how about super easy focaccia bread art and embellish your dough with veggies for a delightful garden pattern. 


The world of embroidery is exploded with options and you don’t need to be artistic to give it a try! One of the quickest ways to pick up this skill is with a wildly colorful stitch sampler! And then start sprucing up your wardrobe with your very own custom stitches, kitties and pandas are just a start! 


Who needs a little happy in their life? If you’re ready to try your hand at knitting, check out this sweet Baby Yoda pattern, your desk will thank you. Once you get rolling with your knitting skills you won’t want to stop and these stripy, super happy socks are the next right project! 


One of those skills that are both meditative and joyful, hand lettering improves your eye-hand coordination, plus you don’t need much to get you started. Take your snail mail notes to the next level or pen yourself some good vibes for inspiration! 

Tell us, what’s your favorite new skill? Share your projects on social media #heypopskills 

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