Organizing your Pantry

These days it seems like we’re eating ALL the things and cooking more than usual, which makes the pantry one of the most used areas in the home! Wouldn’t it be dreamy to have a well-organized pantry? Well, you can when you follow along with our three-step process to get your pantry in top shape. Plus, it will make meal prep super simple! 

Step One: Take Stock of What you Have 

Take a look at your pantry space and jot down what’s filling your shelves. Ask yourself these handy questions to create the most workable pantry: 

  • Are you the baking queen and need all your supplies in a handy bin for easy access?  
  • Is your house full of snackers who need a dedicated area for a quick grab and go treat? 
  • Do you need a special spot for 30-minute meal ingredients to help get dinner on the table faster?  

Step Two: Organize and Storage 

Once you’ve identified what your space needs to be most useful, the next step is organizing! Grouping similar items together will decease time wasted spent looking for missing bags of pasta. 

A few handy ideas: 

  • Store your dried pasta, beans, grains, and flours in Mason Jars or bakery canisters for easy access. Need some inspo? #pantrygoals 
  • Keep all your breakfast and cereal items in close proximity to each other to make starting the day just a little easier. 
  • Contain extra condiments in one spot while setting up a riser system to better view your canned goods. 
  • You can even utilize these metal bins to organize all your baking supplies or veggies staples such as potatoes and onions. Meal prep will be a breeze and easy for all. 

Step Three: Label for Clarity 

Now that your pantry is functional and pretty, let’s get to labeling! There are a variety of labeling options useful for glass, wicker, or woven storage bins. 

  • Paper labels can be written, or printed, on and added to a helpful bin clip label holder.  
  • If you’re using metal or woven containers, these handy magnetic label holders will keep your information front and center. 
  • For all your glass canisters consider a pen that can write on glass or ceramic surfaces for easy labeling. 

You’re well on your way to having an organized pantry that will be the envy of the block. Share some inspiration at #heypoppantrygoals 

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