How to Write a Thank You

A thank you note is one of the kindest and most generous acts we can show our fellow human beings, and who couldn’t use a little more kindness right now? They can cover many situations from the traditional wedding or birthday gift gratitudes to a quick note expressing thanks to your postal carrier for all the hard work they do!  

Modern etiquette via Emily Post states “The rule of thumb is that you should send a written note any time you receive a gift (even a ‘thank you’ gift) and the giver wasn’t there to be thanked in person.” You may be wondering about timing, sooner is, of course, better but a late thank you note is preferable over none! 

But what to say in a thank-you note? Never fear, we’ve got you covered and in no time you’ll be dashing off heartfelt gratitudes that are certain to brighten someone’s day. If you need a quick refresher, check out our 5 Steps to Thank You’s below. 

1. Open with a greeting and thank you. Start your note with a “Dear...” or “Hello…” and follow up with a thank you. Be explicit and detailed about what you received, even if it was for an act of service. This helps make the note personal and shows the giver how important the experience was for you. If you’re looking for options beyond “Thank You,” try one of these: 

I’m grateful for 

I appreciate 

You made my day with 

I’m so grateful that you were there for 

How thoughtful of you  

Your generosity meant so much to me 

I feel so blessed  

From the bottom of my heart 

2. Add a few extra details and tell the person how you’re using their gift or what you plan to do with it. Share the impact it has had on your life, what makes it so special and why you’re enjoying it.

3. Add a line or two to draw the note to a close. This can be specific to your relationship with the giver such as referencing an event you have in common, a close friend, issuing an invite to dinner.  One option is to celebrate the future by closing with phrases such as “See you at Christmas” or “Let’s plan a virtual get together.”

4. Thank the recipient for the second time. This can be more generic such as “Thanks again, your thoughtfulness means so much!” or “Thanks again for your generosity.”

5. Sign off with either a specific closing that you always use together or a more general phrase such as: 

Gratefully yours, 



Warmest regards, 

With Love,  

We’re cheering you on! Gather your thank you note cards, pretty pens, and lots of stamps; you’ve got good vibes to share. Tag us at #heypopthankyou 

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