How to Decorate Blank Walls


By now there’s a good chance with quarantining and social distancing you’re plum tired of staring at the same four walls and decor. Oh, but what to put on your wall, that is the question. Never fear, we’ve curated Five Ways to Decorate a Wall, plus links to amazing artists and designers for inspiration! 

Gallery Wall.  A classic in the decor world, anything goes with a gallery wall. You can curate bright abstracts such as The Junglalow or use retro pops of text to spice up a boring wall. Plusgallery walls don’t have to just be art, you can use hand made baskets or create an epic Instax wall! 

Plant wall: For the plant lovers (LINK to plant post) make a statement with a plant wall or up your succulent game and hang a framed succulent scape to add lush greenery to your space. If you’re ready to try a DIY project you can make your own wall planter! 

Wall Murals: If you’re tired of staring at a large swath of white wall, how about a wall mural? These are especially handy if you’re renting as they use an easy peel and stick method that’s removable. Styles are endless: Create a Scandinavian hygge feel with these birch trees or fall in love with these bright florals to lift the mood. 

Colorful Wall Weavings: Woven wall hangings are a delightful way to add texture and color to a blah spot. Fiber artist Maryanne Moodie, not only teaches, she creates large scale hangings sure to give your space more depth. And with yarn coming in so many colors you’re sure to find one both you and your wall will love! 

Maps: Maps are a time-honored way of recognizing the places we love, where our roots run deep, and where we make memories. The options are bountiful: try a wooden laser cut version, a glamorous foil plated city or state, boldly colored world maps, or even a custom night sky. 

Now that you have a few fresh ideas, tell us, how are you going to spruce up your space? #heypophome 

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