Fresh Flower Meanings

Oh, the sweet smell of flowers! We all love being on the receiving end of a bright bouquet, but did you also know that your flowers have a long history of secret meaning? We’ve gathered some fun facts about the meaning behind your flowers, plus a few handy tips to keeping your posies alive! 

  • The language of flowers has been around since the Victorian era when it was considered much too risque to declare your feeling in public! The secret Victorian code of love was created to hide the giver’s true feelings within the bouquet flowers. Ah, how romantic is that? 
  • A modern example of flower symbolism was Kate Middleton’s royal wedding bouquet. A classic, understated design, each flower was hand-chosen for its significant meaning: Lily of the Valley means a “return to happiness” while Sweet Williams are taken to mean “gallantry”. Hyacinths are “consistency of love” and ivy is “fidelity.” Swoon! 
  • Not only does a bouquet with specific flowers carry meaning, but the specific color further tells a story. Take a look at all the hidden meanings for a carnation!
  • Red carnations stand for “love,” “heartache,” “pride,” or “admiration.  
  • Pink carnations stand for “love of a woman or a mother,” or the declaration that “I’ll never forget you.” 
  • Purple carnations stand for a “ fickle nature” or “flightiness.” 
  • White carnations are for “innocence” and “pure love.” 
  • Yellow carnations symbolize “disdain,” “rejection.” or “disappointment.”  
  • Striped carnations convey “refusal. 
  • Want to declare your undying friendship to your bestie? Send a big bouquet of chrysanthenmums, freesia, and zinnias. 

Now that you have this beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, how do you keep it alive? 

  • Besides regularly changing the water, the #1 tip is to refrigerate your bouquet overnight. 
  • But if you don’t have room in the fridge, Proflowers recommends ¼ cup of baking soda added to the flowers in the vase.  

We hope you find a moment to stop and appreciate the joy a bouquet of flowers brings. Share your favorite flower with us at #heypopflowers 


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