Express Yourself with Writing

We’re all processing ALL the feelings right now. It can be an overload, to say the least, so what’s a girl to do? Well, one way to get through this quarantine time is to express yourself by writing down everything you’re experiencing. 

Here’s why: 

Journaling has been shown to help with managing anxiety, reducing stress, and depression. Writing through your feelings can help your self-awareness by showing you patterns and identifying triggers that contribute to ALL the feeling your feeling.  

Journaling can also: 

  • Boost your creativity 
  • Meet your goals 
  • Become more mindful

Here's How:

Guess what? There’s no right or wrong way to start writing down how you feelhow ever you do it is the right way for you! If you need a few ideas to get you started here’s our top 5 Ways To Start Expressing Yourself through Writing. 

Morning Pages: Made famous by Julia Cameron of The Artists Way, this process has you engage in a stream of conscious written (no censorship!) for three full pages every morning. Not sure if you can fill three pages? Start with one then move up, the important part is you’re doing a brain dump and leaving it all on the page. Some inspiration to get you started. 

List it Out: Does the thought of having to form a complete sentence block you from writing? Never fear, the list is here! You can make a generic list of everything in your mind at the time, or you can be more specific and list out the 5 Best Moments of your Life So Far, Favorite Books, Dream List of Travel Destinations. Need more ideas? Here’s 50 Lists to Make When Life Feels Overwhelming.

Attitude of Gratitude: Oprah’s a fan, so is Emma Watson! Journaling for gratitude can be bullet-point lists or paragraph style. You can answer a different prompt every day or dive into the same one daily: “What am I grateful for and why?” Ready? Here’s a few more prompts to get you started! 

Artful Journaling: If you’re more drawn to making crafts, then perhaps an art journal is the tool for you. Again, no rules! This is the place to explore your creativity with paint, paper, and inks. All art journaling starts with a blank page and what you put there can be from your own imagination or inspired from a prompt. 

Short and Sweet: This is by far the quickest and easiest way to start your writing practice. Grab a blank, lined or dot grid journal and write 2-3 sentences on your day. That’s it! Nothing complicated or earth-shattering about what you write, just simple facts to document your life! 

Share your favorite writing techniques with us #heypopjournals  

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