Easy Steps to Control Clutter

With so many of us spending more time working and going to school from home, clutter can easily get out of hand! Before you know it, you’re knee-deep in junk mail and your email inbox is giving you a headache. We hear you! Get inspired by The Home Edit as they tackle an organizing challenge each episode of their new series! And then conquer your clutter when you take it step by step with our collection of tips and resources to inspire you to get more organized once and for all! 

Inbox. Email is part of modern life and our inboxes are one of the first places to become cluttered and unorganized. 

  • Get rid of unwanted email newsletters with easy unsubscribe options from Clean.Email or Unsubscriber 
  • Check your email provider settings to create filters for sorting and blocking the avalanche of daily emails. 
  • Need some inspiration? Check out Create & Cultivate. 

Money. If you’re not sure where the money went and you’re overwhelmed by receipts, it might be time to clean up the money clutter with a budget. 

  • If you aren’t sure what financial documents are needed for a budget or even how to organize one, The Balance comes to the rescue 
  • The Mint has easy to follow budget templates to get any situation in working order. 
  • Need some inspiration? Check out the Brown Ambition Podcast 

Command Center. Set yourself up for success with a clutter conquering command center. Put everything in its place, one and for all. 

  • Opt-out of catalogs and junk mail to stop the flow paper clutter before it reaches your mailbox. Two great options to explore are Catalogue Choice and DMAchoice. 
  • Get your cords and gadgets into one place so you are searching hi and low for your missing phone and charger! 
  • Need some inspiration? Check out The Turquoise Home. 

Laundry. Keeping things clean and clutter-free will help make the laundry chores easier and more fun! 

  • Keep your laundry process nice and tidy by pre-sorting clothes into dark and whites with a two-compartment bin 
  • Organize detergents, stain sprays, and your extra wool dryer balls into one basket for easy access and a pretty way to control clutter. 
  • Need some inspiration? Check out this cheerful laundry remodel!  

We’re cheering you on as you conquer clutter! Share with us your favorite tip at #heypopclutter 

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