Easy Meal Planning

If you’re like us, you’re looking to eat healthy, with the occasional treats, and save time. Enter meal planning, the process of taking a look at the upcoming week, or two weeks if that’s easier, and mapping out your meals.

You might be familiar with Meatless Monday and Taco Tuesday, which are a great start to meal planning and creating themes, but what if you’re bored with the setup? Well, check out our five tips to keep boredom at bay and still get dinner on the table. 

Wild Card Recipes. One way to prevent boredom is to mix your tried and true recipes with new recipes. Wild card recipes can be themed around world cuisine such as trying a more challenging dish or working your way through a single cookbook. 

Recruit a Friend. Everything is better when you have the support of a true friend. Recipe swapping is a great way to get a fresh update to your recipe repertoire. An easy way to share recipes is via a shared Pinterest board with sections for types of recipes. It can be a private or open only to select collaborators. Another way to keep boredom at bay is divide and conquer the planning with your bestie. You plan the even weeks and they plan the odd weeks. 

Outsource. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to plan the week’s meals or maybe you have a big work project due. If that’s the case, then it’s time to outsource your planning.  Many companies offer a sample menu, short term trial, or even a la carte options. 

Sprouted Kitchen: Real food with an emphasis on fresh, mainly plant-based ingredients with an occasional sweet treat. 

Eating Well: Covers a wide range of dietary requirements including weight management. 

Real Plans: Includes an extensive array of recipes for food restrictions or special diets, think Whole 30 or Keto. 

Inspiration. Give inspiration a jolt by following others who make the process fun, engaging and easy. 

Read Real Food RDs 

Research recipes The Kitchn 

Listen to Didn’t I Just Feed You 

Flex Night. Or two. Make sure to build in the option to order take away or dine out in your menu planning. Depending on your budget this can be a weekly or monthly treat to encourage you to take the night off! 

How do you stay inspired while planning ahead for meals? Share your favorite meal plan recipe at #heypopmenu 

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