10 Conversations Starters for Your First Date

Hooray, hooray, today’s the day - you’re all set for your first date. You’ve got the time, place, and a fantastic experience picked out. The texting has been easy and great but now the panic starts to set in, what are you going to talk about?  

You want your first date conversations to be fun and show genuine curiosity about what makes this person tick, what makes them who they are.  You and your date want an honest conversation that comes naturally, nobody wants to feel like they’re being grilled, so let it be easy. If the conversation ever starts to lag, simply say, “Tell me more.” 

To get you started, check out these 10 First Date Conversation Starters! 

  1. Do you make your bed in the morning? Are they a morning lark or night owl, neat freak or slob, curious minds want to know. 
  2. What topic could you spend all day talking about? A great question that gives you peek into what they’re passionate about and can provide so many additional avenues for conversation. 
  3. What’s your favorite aspect of your best friend? This one gives you a clue into how they view relationships and what they’re looking for in a friendship, one of the key aspects of a good romantic relationship. Bonus question: How long have you been besties?
  4. What’s a typical day look like in your world? Much better than asking the boring networking staple of “what do you do?”  
  5. What’s your ideal vacation or day trip? Here’s an excellent opportunity to see what lights them up and if it's of interest to you. 
  6. What’s your desert island meal? Music? Book?  A fun way to find out what they can’t live without. 
  7. What was your favorite game as a kid? A great question to tell you more about what sparked their interest as kids and if they’re drawn to solitary games or team focused.
  8. If you won a $35 million dollar lottery, how would you spend the money? Not only will you get the big picture idea about your date's values, it’s also a great opportunity to watch their imagination at work!
  9. What literary character do you most relate to? Movie or television character? A great way to find out what entertainment catches your fancy. Bonus question: Would your character go out with your date’s character? 
  10. How different was your life one year ago? Five years? Not only will you hear about your date’s past, but you’ll likely hear about how life, in the present, stacks up! 

Now you’ve got a starter set of questions to take that first date to the second and keep the conversation going. Chime in on social and tell us what questions worked for you or better yet, what questions did you improvise? 

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